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Corona Cogitation

A doctor finds the answer

 Never has the world changed in the way it has in the last few weeks. It is not just us in lock down – much of the world is now strictly confined. We face an unseen and spreading enemy in coronavirus. It is disturbing, even frightening. We are trying to do our best to tackle it, and it is bringing out the best in so many people. We applaud the NHS workers who are putting themselves on the frontline of danger, and the thousands of others who are going the second mile to help the country. But there is a limit to what we can do. This virus is beyond our control and, tragically, it is winning the final battle against so many.

Here is the moving story of a doctor in the midst of the fight in Lombardy, Italy, 38-year-old Julian Urban.

"Never in my darkest nightmares did I think I would see and experience what has been going on here in our hospital for the last three weeks. The nightmare flows, the river gets bigger and bigger. In the beginning only a few sick arrived, then tens and then hundreds and now we are no longer doctors, but we have become sorters on the assembly line and we decide who can live and who should be sent home to die, even if all these people paid Italian taxes for a lifetime.

Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists. That was normal because we are doctors and we were taught that science excludes the presence of God. I always laughed when my parents went to church.

Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor came to IC. He was a nice man and had severe breathing problems, but he had a Bible with him and impressed us by reading it to the dying, and comforting them and holding their hands. We were all tired, discouraged doctors, mentally and physically completely exhausted as we listened to him. We have to admit now, as human beings we have reached our limits, we cannot do more than what we do now and yet more people die every day. And we are exhausted, we now have two colleagues who have died and others have been infected.

We realised that the limit of what human beings can do has been reached - we need God! Now we ask Him for help when we have a few free minutes. We can hardly believe that, as once-convinced atheists, we are now looking to the Lord for our peace every day and asking him to help us so that we can care for the sick.

Yesterday the 75-year-old pastor died. Despite the fact that there were more than 120 deaths here in these three weeks and we were all exhausted, and despite his own circumstances and our difficulties, he managed to bring us a PEACE we never expected to find again. The pastor has gone to our Lord and soon we will also follow him if this situation continues. I have not been home for six days, I don't know when I ate the last time, and I realise my worthlessness on this earth and I want to take my last breath to help others. I am HAPPY that I have returned to God as I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow human beings. "

Testimony collected by: Gianni Giardinelli

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