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Seekers - 26th May 2020

Corona Cogitation - 30/05/2020

Cummings and goings

What a storm Dominic Cummings, chief political advisor to the prime Minister, has provoked by taking his family 260 miles up to Durham during the lock down! Was he justified out of concern for the welfare of his 4 year-old son or was he just flouting the rules that he had had a big hand in making? I will leave you to decide for yourself, but what has made people so angry is that it looks as though there is one rule for the people and another for those in high places. Why should they tell us what to do and then act as if it did not apply to them?

Many of Jesus’ strongest words were spoken against the most religious people in his day, such as the Pharisees. He said, “They say, and do not do. For they bind heavy burdens hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.” (Matthew 23:3,4). In other words they made stringent rules for others, but found get-out clauses for themselves.

Sometimes people say that the church is full of hypocrites – people who “righteously” go to church on Sundays and tell others how they should live their lives, but do not set an example themselves. It is an overstatement (I know many very sincere, humble Christians), but sadly there are some. Those of us who are Christians must remind ourselves that we have a responsibility to live a genuine Christian life.

But we are also “work in progress”, not people who think we are good, but forgiven sinners who are not yet made perfect. We still struggle with our sins, but we also long to overcome them by the grace of God.

The striking thing about Jesus is that he always practiced what he preached. He did preach a high moral standard, but try as they might, no-one could find any charge of hypocrisy against him – not even a sniff of it.

But though he was (and is) so righteous, yet he is gracious to those who fall. He is always ready to show mercy to those who repent, no matter how badly they have sinned.

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