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Corona Cogitation - 23/06/2020

Touching our idols


Now things are getting back to something like normal, what have you missed most during lock down? Of course, it might be being with family and friends or the effect on your income or job security. Or it could just be the shopping or the Premier League or going out for pleasure. Perhaps it has been the foreign holidays or being able to go to work.

Has it made you think about what is really important? How many of the things we have missed are really that important after all? It is easy for us to make idols out of them, because they have become the things we live for. Perhaps the virus has touched out idols, made us realise how uncertain they are, how easily they can be taken from us. More than that, how helpless they are to save us in times of trouble.

They are a poor substitute for the real thing – the living and true God, who is utterly dependable, whom no virus or any other thing can take from us. Putting other things in his place is not only foolish, but also offensive to him. It is worshipping the created things instead of the Creator.

I wonder whether you have prayed during this time- for your safety or the safety and health of others, or just for the virus to be taken away. If so, it is an acknowledgement that there is a  God who is greater than us. 

He shows himself in the Bible as a God who is loving, merciful and faithful to those who turn to him, however much we may have ignored him in the past. This is the God who sent his precious Son to die for us and rise again to bring us to himself. When we come to him through the Lord Jesus Christ we will find true security in him. He is bigger than all the problems of this world and he will always be there for us – even in death itself.



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