About Us

Who are we? 

We are a Grace Baptist church, which has been meeting in Grundisburgh since 1798. We are independent of any denominational structures, but are a member of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia). We are conservative evangelicals, who believe the Bible alone is the basis for our faith and life.

We have modernised the building in recent years by installing disabled facilities and replacing the pews with chairs. We assure you of a warm, friendly welcome.

What do we believe?

We believe that The Bible is God’s message to the human race, and is entirely true. We also believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, who came to earth, died and rose again to save sinful people like us, and now reigns in heaven as Lord over all. He freely offers forgiveness and eternal life to everyone who places their faith in him. A fuller statement is given below.

Why are we called Baptist?
Because we believe that a person should only be baptised when they have come to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This marks them out publicly as a Christian.

Why Grace Baptist?

Because we believe the Bible teaches God saves us, not according to our merits, but according to his sovereign grace by which he chose us in Christ before the world began.